Happy {Gratitude} Weekend!

this week i was reminded of all the things i have to be thankful for...
my heart goes out to everyone that were affected by hurricane sandy.  i feel blessed that all of my east coast friends are safe and at home recouping for the storm. 
it's events like this that sadden me and yet lift me up in the most surprising of ways. 
take for example my cousin taryn who lived in jersey city and whose apartment was completely flooded and without power.  my  cousin was sleeping on her wet bed in her flooded apartment seeking a place to stay but stuck in jersey city.  i reached out to my friend christa who offered to pick her up and let her stay at her house.  my friend kimi reached out to her east coast friends and a total stranger offered to meet my cousin at the williamsburg bridge and offered her a place to stay, a warm shower, internet and anything she could need.
strangers opening up their homes to strangers.  i didn't know this girl sarah but she was willing to help my cousin anyway she needed it.  it warmed my heart and reminded me that humanity is not dead.  there are still good people out there and that human kind is indeed kind.  i have been hearing and reading stories like this all over the web and am so thankful for the existence of these people. 
and so today, this weekend, next week, etc, i need to remind myself of all the things i am blessed to have in my life.  i need to stop complaining about the petty things and start observing my amazing surroundings. 
i am happy to report that my cousin is on a flight to seattle for a hot shower, drinks and a meal with the family.  and i hope that you all have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love and take a moment to recognize all the amazing things you have in your life. 

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