Bravo Starbucks!

This nifty little stick may not look like much...

But when added to your latte cup, it might equal one of the greatest inventions ever (okay I am totally exaggerating, but it is pretty great!)

Imagine you're on your way to work, latte in hand and pulling out of the parking lot of your favorite coffee shop and that's when it happens...you know, coffee spewing through that little opening on the lid. All over your car, the lid of your cup and quite possibly down the front of your blouse. Originally, most coffee shops would cover that hole with a sticker, which is great until you get adhesive all over your lips and want to cover the hole back up. Well my friends, this could all be a thing of the past, as Starbucks in beta testing these neat little sticks.

You know you have a coffee addiction (and are a huge nerd) when you and your friend see this stick at a Starbucks in Seattle while visiting and squeal with glee at this new creation (true story, we jumped up and down). I keep my little stick in my purse and wash it after each use, and my car is a happier place to be now because of it.

My only question now...why didn't I think of this?


Kris said...

I've heard of these... and until your post it was just a mere rumor to me! Such a fabulous idea! My question is: how do I live in Seattle, go to Starbucks daily, been on the lookout for these... and have NOT seen them yet?!

Marge said...

just got one today! Love em and wouldnt have known to look for em without ya!


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