Forever Frugal Friday: Early Edition

I am off to Seattle tomorrow, so I thought I would share a good find at a good price today!

Funny little story about this adorable Argyle Heart Hoodie from Forever. Last Saturday, my dear friend Mrs. Reynolds (loves to sew, drink tea and wants to be 62 years old now) and I checked out the new and improved Forever 21 on 3rd Street Promenade. This store is now three levels, bright, airy and has quite a variety of clothing. While we waited for a dressing room, the cutest 13 year old walked out wearing this hoodie. Mrs. Reynolds (who is 27 - almost 28 and so excited) immediately asked the girl where she found it so she could try it on. Mrs. Reynolds loved it and had the line not been so atrociously long, it would be hanging in her closet now. Moral of the story, this hoodie can be worn by the likes of a sweet teeny bopper and also us in our late twenties (did I really just say that? ick!). Stay warm, preppy and fashionable all for under $25!

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Shelby said...

Yay! Have a GREAT weekend!


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