Wino Wednesday

I have been finding that I am quite a fan on Pinot Noirs and gravitate towards that section when looking for a tasty red. I like Pinot Noirs because they are lighter than most reds, and yet still plump and juicy and full of flavor. The Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir isn't awful, but not really that good either.

It was fruity (strawberries and cherries) and tart like a Pinot should be and while I didn't spit it out, I wasn't inclined to continue drinking. This bottle will only run you around $7, which is a pretty good deal. But, I wouldn't suggest buying this bottle to share at dinner or with friends who have a more mature and refined palate. Chances are that the bottle will sit opened and undrunk, and then who looks the fool?


jmcquary said...

I think Pepperwood is owned by Sabastiani Brothers and their wines are BLECH!

Avery Bleu said...

I've discovered that I do not like Pepperwood wines at all.

Anonymous said...

I tried this sadly because the label was cute and it was cheap...I couldnt even finish one glass it was so bad!


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