Wino Wednesday

Oh Dom how many times have I walked past you without introducing myself properly? Too many is the answer. Your price tag scares me and yet my curiosity continues to be intrigued.

Lucky for me I FINALLY was able to try Dom Perignon Vintage 1998 Champagne at my girlfriend Jaime's birthday. The manager of the bar sent over a bottle for her and being the doll that she is, she shared it with everyone attending.

Here is where it gets weird for me, I liked it (I mean it was free champagne and an expensive bottle) but it was not what I expected. I was thinking that once I tried Dom it would be hard to go back to the cheap stuff. Surprisingly, I preferred the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Rose that Nicole had been filling our glass up with all night. So, while the Dom was still wonderful, I prefer a cheaper (barely) champagne instead.

The adorable birthday girl with her free gift!

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Lindsay said...

I think I was too late to try the Dom that night, but when I've tried Cristal, I have been underwhelmed as well. Expecting something amazing.


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