Forever Frugal Friday

In my attempt to pack efficiently for my trip to Mexico next week (must carry on as connecting flight is too close for comfort), I sorted through my swimsuits and noticed that I do not own a simple, black bikini. Well lucky for me, Forever is carrying swimsuits now, and this Ruffle Trim Bikini is exactly what I am looking for, at exactly the right price.

Now I just need to find the amazing flat abs to go with it...any ideas ;)


Jane said...

cute suits!

Jane said...

er suit. :)

Sweet Nothings said...

I love their suits, but let me tell you, my bod is not getting in one ANY TIME SOON! i;m just excited they are starting their "plus size line" aka normal people sizes..I dont know when a size 10 is considered plus, but whatever...I can stop squeezing myself into the dresses~


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