Song Of The Week: I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

Daryl Hall - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (Official Music Video) - Click here for the most popular videos

I have a weird obsession with mustaches...I think they are pretty damn sweet, which makes loving Hall & Oates sooo easy.

I have always enjoyed their catchy tunes and recently added I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) to a playlist and whenever it comes on in my car, I just groove along. Well, within the last month I have heard this song everywhere - it's the weirdest thing. The first time I heard it not on my IPod or in my car was at a bar, and then just last week I heard it play twice on different TV stations during the morning news. I am glad that Hall & Oates are getting the playtime they deserve as this song continues to rock.

So if you like mustaches, smokey music videos, keyboards and mullets...you will definitely enjoy this song!


bianca said...

I love that you chose this song. I heart Hall & Oats and this is a great song. I tell my friends that Hall & Oats Greatest Hits collection is essential, but they think I'm crazy. Excellent song of the week!

Mariana said...

My friend Betsy and I LOVE Hall and Oates. We act like it's a joke but I know she really loves them as much as I do. I love your song of the week! Great pick!

Erin said...

LOVE Hall & Oates! This is an excellent choice in song of the week. We have a very similar taste :)

Michelle said...

Um, possibly one of my favorite songs ever. Courtney and I have a serious H&O obsession! This song reminds me of ATO's raft trip in college...ah, memories!

Veronique said...

I love that song! while I was blog-hopping I ran across your blog and placed it on my list of blogs to return to.!!!!


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