Off to Santa Barbara....


I am off this weekend to Santa Barbara for Jaime’s mini bachelorette party. I am super excited to get away with the girls and celebrate the soon to be Mrs….

For tips on how to get that pesky deodorant off your shirt before heading out for a night on the town...

Tara over at In This Instance asked me to design a chic look for cheap...perfect for a Spring day if you ask me. Thanks Tara!

And if Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl can’t come soon enough, be sure to check out these great pics here...



jamieofalltrades said...

Thanks for the shout out YBB! Have fun in Santa Barbara.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I am so afraid of motorcycles, but for some reason give me a Vespa, and I THINK I'd be good to go!

Go Roman Holiday!!!


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