Playlist Help!


I have been trusted by my dear bride-to-be Jaime, to select the playlist for her wedding reception in Mexico next weekend.

So I pose this question to you lovely readers...What is your favorite song to dance to at weddings? Feel free to give me one, two, or as many as you like. Here's what I have on my list so far...

  • Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leopard
  • Forever in Blue Jeans & Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
  • Mony, Mony - Billy Idol
  • Twist & Shout - The Beatles
  • Don't Stop Believing - Journey
  • Holiday - Madonna

Anything you can suggest (knowing that there will also be parents and grandparents there) would be greatly appreciated!


L J said...

- Life is a Highway - Tom Cochrane
- White Wedding - Billy Idol
- Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
- I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick
- Yeah - Usher feat Ludacris & Lil Jon
- Footloose - Kenny Loggins
- Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
- Old Time Rock n Roll - Bob Seger
- Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
- Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamong
- Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
- You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
- Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard
- Baby Got Back - Sir Mix Alot
- You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi

Shelby said...

Wow How could I possible top LJs list. I think you guys are covered! Have FUN!! XOXO

jamieofalltrades said...

Umbrella if parasols are there. :) Don't play 'short dick man' NOT a good wedding song!

Ali in LaLa Land said...

Anything by Justin Timberlake is always fun and not too dirty for the parental crowd! (My Love, Senorita, SexyBack)

Kaitlyn said...

we are family- pointer sisters.

...i say that with no shame! =)

Lisa said...

It may not be your (or the bride's) thing, but Baby Got Back ALWAYS gets people onto the dance floor!

Mariana said...

September - Earth, Wind and Fire for the geriatric set
Love Shack - B52's
The Macarena - kidding
Good Luck!!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

what a fabulous thing to think about!! I think we're forgetting something KEY (and something I'm constantly thinking about....as I will be attending the concert in a few weeks...) BRITNEY SPEARS!! Anything will do.... :)

Topanga Bay said...

I say add some oldies on there for the older crowd...they always get people moving.
Also, add some slow songs in there too....David Grey's "this year's love" is always lovely. or anything motown gets people going.
have fun!!

Megan said...

I am not sure about wedding songs but I love Hall and Oates! I got so excited when I saw your song of the week! I went to their concert a few years back in Seattle. I was for sure the youngest there! it was amazing. My favorite is Kiss is on my list. Oh, they are fabulous.

Jackie said...

Looks like you've got good suggestions so far! I would add in
Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners. 80's rule!

Lyndsy said...

Thank you all for the great recs! I put a good majority of them on my list! Crossing my fingers that I select tunes that please everyone!!


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