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I know I am way late posting the fashion from The Academy Awards, but going on vacation will do that to you. Here goes nothing....

All photos by Steve Granitz {click to enlarge} No, I am not talking about new additions to the seven dwarfs, but these three ladies would have perhaps benefited from looking at the mirror before they walked out the door. Beyonce, we know you are bootylicious and everything, but was it really necessary to recycle your parents old couch from the 60’s into a dress for your House of DerĂ©on collection? Once and for all toss it!

Jessica Biel… you are absolutely, without a doubt a stunner. Your boyfriend Justin Timberlake seems to agree with us all. However, I am sure that Justin was not around when you walked out the door in this Prada number. It did not flatter your hot bod, your hair was a mess and the shoes – don’t even get me started.

Now Melissa Leo, I am not that familiar with you, but I blame Badgley Mischka for this ill fitting dress. While I appreciate that you attempted to dress "age appropriately", the color matched your hair too closely and the cut of the dress at the hips is about the least attractive style for any woman. I will however give you props for the gorgeous emerald drops.

Now onto the winners for the night…

All photos by Steve Granitz {click to enlarge}

I know that many of you are going to disagree with me on this one, but I LOVED Miley Cyrus’ Zuhair Murad dress. I adored the sparkle of it all and thought she looked really cute. The dress apparently was quite heavy, but I gotta give the girl credit, because she didn’t let it weigh her down at all.

I don’t quite remember who Ryan Seacrest was interviewing at the time, but when I saw Natalie Portman in the back ground; all focus was lost and tuned into her. Natalie is beautiful girl already, but this night she knocked it out of the park. The perfect pink/lilac shade of the Rodarte dress had me at hello, and the subtle sparkle…yum!

Leslie Mann was a force to be reckoned with in her Pamella Roland. With her hilarious husband Judd Apatow in tow, looked like a pro on the red carpet. I hope to see her at more award shows rocking straight up awesome looks!

Oh SJP…you can do no wrong in my book. This incredible Dior Haute Couture had me swooning at first glance. The pretty pale mint, fluffy, sexy, sparkly, dress was my favorite dress I have seen in a VERY long time. One for the books I would even say. Carrie Bradshaw would have TOTALLY sported that dress in Paris had she stayed with “The Russian”. BRAVO!!!

Last but not least was the beautiful Anne Hathaway in Giorgio Armani. The dress fit her like a glove and the sparkles were totally beautiful and not gaudy at all. However, as a fellow fair skinned girl, I think she could have gotten a spray tan and the dress would have shinned just a little bit brighter. Otherwise, I thought she was perfection.

Steve Granitz

Also, although I didn’t include her the list above, Marissa Tomei in that origami, creamy goodness by Versace, could do no wrong either.

What did you guys think of the show? I loved the stage and the whole feel of it all. Hugh Jackman was pretty entertaining as the host although sometimes it felt a little OTT. Favorite dresses, least favorite?

Until September and the Emmy Awards, YBB red carpet coverage is on hiatus :)


bianca said...

I totally agree about Miley's dress. I fought hard to defend it, but people tought I was nuts! I'm glad I'm not alone :)

Jennifer said...

I absolutely agree with your dress choices! Miley's dress was awesome! I love Marissa Tomei's dress so much! The only thing I would have to add to your review...1-while SJP's dress was gorgeous, she should have toned down the boobage just a little bit. 2-I also love Jennifer Aniston's and Angelina Jolie's dresses too!

Shelby said...

I agree - but what about Penelope's vintage gown??

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Great choices on the dresses. I thought Freida Pinto looked gorgeous too- she's so stunning. Miley's dress was fantastic, but I did think it was a little too old on her. And as usual, Carrie Underwood was a stunner.

Lyndsy said...

Yay! I am so glad that I was not alone in loving Miley's dress!

Jennifer ~ I also loved both Angelina & Jennifer A's dresses. I thought they both look super classy, but they weren't my absolute favorite!

Shelby ~ I thought Penelope looked beautiful too, and the story behind that dress was a good one (she saw it 8 years ago and fell in love), but I can't decide if it is her or what but I was thrilled about it.

Sarah E~ Freida Pinto can do no wrong. She is Hollywoods next golden girl and it was so nice to see that beautiful cobalt blue. And I would have to agree that Carrie Underwood always looks amazing!


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