Fake What Your Mama Gave You....

A Southern Accent asked me for some good self tanner recommendations after I rallied against LL’s new self tanner. I have listed below some of my favorites below, as well as ones that have been praised by friends and loved ones.

My all time favorite self tanner is the Bare Bronze Gleaming Self-Tan Body Tint by Victoria’s Secret. The scent is not very strong and it gives you a great color that is totally believable. I also love it because you can layer on for your desired shade and it doesn't go on blotchy or streaky. It gives you a little instant color while the real color develops, and the bronze color of the lotion makes it really easy to apply. The only bad news is that it is only available online. They no longer carry it at the store for some strange reason (grrr).

The next one that I have use on a regular basis is Bath & Body Works Strike Gold. This one has a bit more obnoxious scent and looks pretty believable the first time you apply it. But once you start applying the layers it gets a little sketchy. I prefer to use this self tanner on my legs only as I have had a few mishaps on my arms and chest when applying. I would suggest buying it, but apply with care.

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is one I have been dying to try and just might since Sephora has an incredible Get Glowing Self-Tanning Collection with all kinds of goodies including this guy, and a face self tanner for $35! I have heard ONLY positive things about this product. (Would love any opinions!)

Lastly, Avery Bleu really likes Too Faced Tanning Bed In A Tube. She says it smells good and produces great color (I can second this as she used it last week and looked amazingly tan and natural). The only warning she provided me with is that it goes on pretty dark, so she is hesitant to recommend it to fair ones like me. However, if you are the type who tans quite easily then this one may just be right for you.

Am I missing any on the list above? Any great self tanners that I should use immediately? Please let me know! Which ever product you select, you can feel better knowing that your skin is not being damaged and your are not increasing your risks of skin cancer. ‘Cause really…tanning beds are so 2000 and late....


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I SO need to use these tanners in a tube! The few times I've gone to a tanning salon (like before a vacation) I feel the lumps forming!!!

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to check them out.

J said...

I've been using the Loreal Sublime Glow (I got it at Target but this is the one I use: http://tinyurl.com/o8fjgu) and it seems to work pretty well for me!

I might have to try that VS one though! Great post.

Kris said...

I use the Clarins face self tanner and I love, love, love it! I use it daily and it never looks overly tan or splotchy - perfection!

Em said...

three things:
#1 - love your blog. literally read it every day and am amazed at what fun stuff you come up with.
#2 - the lilo post made me laugh out loud at desk. you're spot on. i have the clarins gel for my face and love it. works right away, the smell isn't too bad (kinda like sunscreen) and it doesn't make you break out. i've never used it on my body but i'm sure its great there too!
#3 - totally random story for you. i read your post about laura elizabeth jewelery and fell in love. showed my boyfriend (now my fiance - zach!) and he got me a gorgeous necklace for christmas last year. now here's the random part - i wore it out one night with my girlfriends from home in austin and the designer behind laura elizabeth is actually my friend lindsay stuart's sister! random, yet perfectly meant to be all at the same time.

anyhow, you're fabulous. keep doing what you're doing. love the blog, love the name, love it all.

Mandy Kay said...

THANK YOU for this! i've been trying to quit (tanning) for ages now, but have yet to find a GOOD self tanner "crutch" to fall back on! i'm so excited to try ALL of these!


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