Nearly Nude...

As you can probably guess from the clothes I tend to post, I am not the hugest fan of nude/flesh colored items. Mostly because when I wear them I get completely washed out and look like a ghost and it just isn't a pretty sight. However, when Mrs. R returned back from her last trip to London and brought me back the UK Cosmopolitan April 2009 issue, I was singing a new nude tune after viewing the Pleasures of the Flesh article (click to enlarge all photos and read the details of items to buy).

First things first...I could care less about this top she is wearing, but I would pretty much kill for her makeup and hair.

The shoes are kind of amazing, wouldn't you say????

The only time I am pretty sure anyone is allowed to wear black socks and look smashing doing so.

Love the dress, makeup and her perfect pony!


Who knew nude could be so naughty???

Sparkling Nude is alright in my book!


amy b.s. said...

okay, these are awesome! love the shoes, still struggling with the socks look overall, but love the hair and make-up. wow.

Shelby said...

Sexy photos! I have an unhealthy obsession with nudes. I love them all.

Sweet Nothings said...

that dress from the "pleasures" page is divine..my heart stopped for amin!!

Carrie Reynolds said...

These look familiar. =) You have to love the British style!
Mrs. R

Being Brazen said...

Love those photos

Lyndsy said...

Stay tuned next week when I share some more neutrals that don't bore to death! I want every item listed!


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