Not Your Ordinary Cup of (POM Wonderful(R) Tea

I have a slight addiction to coffee. I love it. My day has not officially started until I have had my first cup of delicious joe. I have been known to indulge in an afternoon coffee from time to time, but try to limit myself to just my morning brew (pinching pennies whenever I can).

I was browsing my local grocery store, when a new little bottle in the iced coffee section caught my eye.

My own little POM Bomb!

My first thought was POM makes coffee? Huh? I am a really big fan of POM tea and have the empty reusable glasses at home to prove it. I was a bit unsure but decided to take a walk on wild side and place the bottle in my basket.

Once I returned to my desk, I showed my coworker Linds, and she was as intrigued as me (the real question was would it taste like pomegranate?)… I poured the coffee over some ice, threw in a straw and took a big gulp. Not too bad…nothing extraordinary, but still tasty. It claims to have the same benefits and antioxidants that we love about POM but with the added buzz and flavor of coffee.

Personally, I prefer my grande unsweetened iced coffee with an inch of soy from Starbucks for $1.95. But if you are in a jam and at the grocery store and have a spare $2.50 to throw out there, give it whirl.

Speaking of whirly goodness...


I just saw the commercial for the Wendy’s Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty during SYTYCD last night and just about peed my pants because it looked so delicious. What doesn't look delicious is the 23 grams of fat in one serving. What works for me is splitting it with a good buddy on a sunny day. Yum!


Erin said...

I will split a Coffee Toffe Twisted Frosty with you this weekend! Seriously that sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip on the POM as well, I'd like to give that a try too, but I'll start with the CTTF please :)

Lyndsy said...

Yay! Perhaps in Palm Springs we can find a Wendy's and sample? I keep seeing the commercials and I am so excited!


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