Forever Frugal Friday: Go Lakers?!

I have officially been a resident of Los Angeles for 6 years this month (holy crap!), and have found myself pondering if I should jump on the Lakers bandwagon this year.

As a Seattle native, my blood runs true for my teams, The Cougs, The M's, The Seahawks, and the now defunct Sonics. Which has me thinking, is it acceptable to become a Lakers fan now that my home team doesn't even have a basketball team any longer? My thoughts are yes....

Which is why I dedicate this weeks frugal finds to the Lakers. They are leading the Denver Nuggets 3-2 and could head to the finals with a win tonight (9 PM EST ESPN).

Wearing purple and yellow together has always been a major no-no in my book, due to my rival college (boo hiss UW). However, I am easing into this fan thing and this Fab Fitted V-Neck in yellow and this H81 Crinkle Fringe Scarf in purple will allow me to root for the Lakers for under $15.



Shelby said...

Oh girl. No on the purple AND the yellow. One at a time. We went to a Lakers game this year and I wore a purple top but that was it (yes I own a purple top - it was more on the pinkish side of purple) Anyhoo, even though I remember going to many a Laker games as a wee one I can't bring myself to don the Purple and Yellow anymore. Besides, I'm a huge Lebron fan and his Cleveland Crimson is much more doable in my book :)

...love Maegan said...

HELL YEAH YOU SHOULD!!!! ...lol ...GO LAKERS...I so hope they win tonight.

Lyndsy said...

Agreed Shelbs I do love Lebron and I love me some Crimson but I may have to ease into the Laker colors as you have advised. But that is why a scarf is so great :)

Maegan ~ I jumped on the wagon and am loving the results so far (knock on wood)! Thanks for the extra push!


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