Spray & Stay

Finding a good hairspray has always been a bit of a challenge for me. That was until I found these gems below.

First the Splurge:

The lovely Mrs. F first turned me onto Bed Head's Hard Head Hairspray when we lived together. It has been my absolute favorite hairspray since then. It's more on the stickier side (which I need with my slippery hair) and has a good nozzle that sprays evenly and leaves your hair looking mighty fine. It holds well and for $13 a can is hardly a splurge.

Now the Steal:

With economic times being rough, finding a good hairspray for under $7 is like hitting the jackpot (ok not even close, but let's just pretend). The John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier hairspray is not as good as the Bed Head, but it can definitely hold it's own. Plus, you can also get it in travel size and I almost prefer the little guy more than the full size.

So if you are ready to put down the Aquanet....give one (or both) of these a try!


The New Black said...

I LOVE Hard Head. With my super thick hair, I really need something that holds! It comes in a smaller travel size too. If only all the good hair products did!! :)


i've been wondering about 'bed head'...now i'll be sure to give it a try :)


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