Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Simmers!

A very happy two year anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. S (who also are expecting)! I first met Mrs. S during rush my freshman year, and even though we didn't end up in the same sorority, we reconnected down in California and have been best of friends ever since. Mrs. S met Mr. S at a BBQ and it was love at first sight. Their wedding was absolutely breathtaking and I felt so lucky to be a guest at their nuptials. Here's a sneak peek into what happened two years ago today!

all images courtesy of Mi Belle Inc

The wedding was held at the beautiful Villa Amodei in Somis, California.

Husband & Wife!

Just a little moment together *sigh*

One of my absolute favorite pictures from the day. This picture just makes me smile :)

The yummy cake was accented with orchids, as was the entire wedding.

The happy couple!

Table 8 is great! Lindsay, Mrs. R, Me and Mr. R (who shares his birthday with this joyous occasion - Happy Birthday Mr. R!)

Lots of dancing!

LA girls capturing the mandatory girl shot (5 Cougs and a Husky).

Me & Mrs. R (Miss you!)

The ladies with the bride & groom (someone forgot to tell me not to make a ridonk face).

The beautifully stunning magazine bride and me!

The site at night, just gorgeous.

Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. S! I wish you both lots of love, happiness and am so excited to see that little bundle of joy when he/she enters this world. It will be raised in a home of pure love.



Sweet Nothings said...

such gorgeous pics!!

Mandy Kay said...

yaaaay! she's expecting? that's so great! went to high school with Mrs. Simmers (went by CJ back then!) and she is one of the sweetest gals EVER! what a sweet post!

CAC muffin said...

Stunning photos
i love your dress! very classy


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