Lovin' It ~ Top Cheffity

I am not really sure where my head has been the previous five seasons but I am addicted to season six of Top Chef Las Vegas. I always think that if I had my career to do over again, I would have gone to culinary school (after attending WSU of course) as I truly enjoy cooking (regardless of how often I actually do it). The creations, flavors and concoctions these chefs come up with are beyond my brain, but it just makes me hungry and love the show that much more. Below are my top three picks for this season.

Mr. Kevin Gillespie is a genius not only in the kitchen but in real life as well. He was offered a full ride scholarship to MIT (I heard a few smart kids go there), and chose instead to hit culinary school. Good decision! His creations are good old southern food and have me salivating at my TV. He is my front runner to win, and he is just so darling and so lovable, how can you not root for him?

My next choice to win is the dry and sarcastic Jennifer Carroll. She is totally a "guys girl" and a no BS kind of gal which I can appreciate. Her creations are equally tasty looking and she does it all with such ease and composure. Lasts night episode was the first time I have seen her break a sweat and she still ended up in the top four! She is a good role model for women to take charge in the kitchen!

I am seriously crushing on Michael Voltaggio and his unique cooking techniques. So far he has created some incredible entrees and may I add watching him in the kitchen is quite sexy? I am loving his fork and knife tattoo and sibling rivalry with his brother on the show. He is seriously gifted and I enjoy watching the wheels in his brain turn with each challenge. I am hoping to have the pleasure to dine at The Dining Room at the Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa in Pasadena one of these days.

I also kind of in love with Tom Colicchio and find him oddly sexy (am I the only one). So do you watch Top Chef? Who are you rooting for? If not Top Chef, then what's your favorite cooking show on TV? What chef do you adore? All this talk of food has me a little bit hungry....


Jaime said...

I've watched all seasons of Top Chef and love it! This season I think it's interesting because there are clearly 4-5 really good chefs, and then the rest are, in my opinion, mediocre. My faves are the brothers, Jennifer, and Kevin. I'd be happy with any of them winning!

Mandy Kay said...

i love Jennifer! i bet she wins. or one of the brothers. i feel so bad for the nice shy one when the bad boy one wins a challenge! brett and i think they need to open a brothers restaurant together. it'd be AMAZING because they both have such unique styles!

Luci said...

I have a crazy crush on Tom! When I was in Vegas in July, I made sure to go to his Craftsteak restaurant. It was AMAZING. No sightings of the man himself, though.

Lyndsy said...

Jaime I totally agree! The chefs either totally have it going on, or are just kind of stuggling to make it happen.

Mandy Kay ~ I would SO eat at the joint brothers restaurant! their stuff looks amazing!

Luci ~ Glad I am not alone! There is a Craft right by my work that I still need to check out. Perhaps this week!

Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Top Chef. And Tom C - pitter patter.


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