Project Runway Rundown ~ Episode III

Episode III ~ Life's A Beach in an Avant Garde World

Last weeks episode was a bit of a yawn fest to me. Here's a recap of who was hot, who won and who was see ya!

YBB Faves:

Beach Look

Avant Garde Look

Imagine my excitement when Althea and Louise paired up together! Two of my favorite designers as a team equaled sweet dreams (and again the design that should have won in my eyes). The bodice of that dress was INCREDIBLE to say the least. Watch out for these two! I have a sneaky suspicion that they may just end up producing many of YBB's favorite looks this season.

Winner & *gasp* Loser:

Beach Look

Avant Garde Look

Ra'mon and Mitchell paired up this my friends was not a match made in heaven. Ra'mon ended up doing ALL the work while Mitch just flitted about as if there were no competition at all. In fact in front of the judges he confessed that Ra'mon did all the work.

Even though I wasn't in love with these creations, I was quite impressed with the overall products Ra'mon produced by himself. For the first time in project runway history, the winning design team was also the losing designer. Ra'mon was named the winner and Mitchell finally was Auf'ed for lack of work and lack of really creating anything. See ya!

Be sure to tune in tonight to see what the latest design challenge will be!


Michelle said...

So glad Mitchell is gonzo, he sucked & wasn't taking it seriously! Can't wait for tonight's episode, eek so much to watch on my DVR!

Christina said...

is it just me or is this season's challenges kind of boring.

Lyndsy said...

Michelle ~ Totally agree! I was yelling at the TV like...what are you doing? Are you joking me?

Christina~ I am there with you. Hopefully the challenges will get a little more creative in the coming episodes!


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