Greetings from Amsterdam!

I am finally settled in and have all systems working here in Amsterdam!  The weather so far has been lovely (knock on wood) and I have done a little exploring thus far but still have so much to see and do.  If you have been to Amsterdam and have any must see or must eat at destinations please leave me a comment and I will be happy to explore! 

Happy Monday to ya'll!!


Mrs. C said...

We were just talking last night about how this is where we want to go! have a blast and can't wait to hear more!

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Coug Gal said...

So glad you are having great weather! When I was there in '03 I enjoyed visiting The Anne Frank House and loved the Mike's Bike Tour. Most specifically the cheese!!! I brought back so much as gifts and it was gorgeous out there with all the windmills! Have fun!

Holly said...

hooray! ive never been but id love to go. that picture is beautiful. enjoy!

Lindsey said...

Ah, that picture is making me a bit sad that we put of our Europe trip another year. That looks lovely.


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