Song Of The Week: Going to California

Is there anybody out there? I realize that is a Pink Floyd song but after my 21 day hiatus from blogging I am feeling a wee bit guilty and yet So Fresh and So Clean (now I'm quoting Outkast) with my little break.  And so I would like to say Hello Again, thank you for returning back to YBB, I promise to be a much improved blogger!

These past 4 weeks have been absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to share photos and stories of all my experiences and memories.  My Seattle sandwich with am Amsterdam filling has left me so happy to be back in California.  Which made me want to share my fave Led Zeppelin song Going to California

I love the simplicity and melody of the song and it really makes me oh so happy to be back in the Golden State. 


amy b.s. said...

welcome back! can't wait to see all of your photos!

Coug Gal said...

Yea, you're back!! Sounds like you had incredible trips!! Can't wait to hear more!

Danielle said...

so glad your back! cant wait to hear all about it on our date! woo

Em said...

Love this song. The mister andchoked our guitarist play it when our wedding party walked down the aisle. Love!


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