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I feel so lucky and happy to have Danielle from Sweet Nothings back for a third year sharing her essentials.  I also feel lucky that I can call Danielle (as well as the gorgeous Kristen) my friends since we have actually met in person and enjoyed lunch.  Danielle is a gorgeous gal with the absolute best style and always showcasing beautiful fashion, hair, accessories on Sweet Nothings.  Oh you want more, she also shares fantastic quotes, home decor and her loveable sweet George dressed in adorable holdiay appropriate gear.  Still don't believe me?  Go see for yourself, you will surely become a daily reader like me all those years ago... 

Hello YBB readers! I am so happy to be back for the third year to share my Summer Essentials with all of you...you can check out 2009 and 2010 as well...

*What one item can you not be without this summer?*

This summer I cannot live without my favorite cat eye sunglasses. Mine are from Urban Outfitters(and only 10!), but you can find them anywhere, My motto when it comes to sunnies is The Bigger the Better, and these are no exception.

*What are you craving for summer 2011?*

Summer 2011 has been an interesting one thus far, full of a lot of changes and decisions on my end. So, what am I craving? For it all to work out how it supposed to. And for me to just relax. And to enjoy a cocktail or two while it all falls into place..like this one featured on The Glitter Guide.

*What is your essential summer song for 2011?*

Ok, this was a lot harder than I thought to choose a song. Bc I currently have been listening to "Give Me Everything" since February, so I don't consider it a summer song, but man everytime it is on the radio(which seems like every 5 min in LA) I dance in the car. or my room. or in my cube.  I also am obsessed with Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" but am really embarrassed by that-and I mostly think it is because it describes college.. So, I went with another song from Planet Pit, which is such a fun cd that just makes me want to dance on every track.  "Shake Senora Remix" featuring T-Pain, Sean Paul, and Ludacris will get you ready to go out dancing with your girlfriends.

I couldn't agree more about the sunglasses and that sparkletini looks just perfect for summer time!  And you know that I just adore me some pitbull!  Shake Senora is one I haven't heard yet, and will be downloading immediately!   A huge thanks again to Danielle for her awesome lists that just keep getting better!  I cannot wait for our next lunch and shopping excursion. 

Tomorrow my sorority sister Emily will be back with her summer list!


Mrs. C said...

I can never have enough sunglasses or fun nail polish colors to run through!!! So much fun!

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Holly said...

ok i love pitbull too. im kinda embarrased how much he gets me moving.

Michelle said...

I love this song so much! Great list! Also, I remember you posted about Pumped up Kicks a million years ago before the song was even popular. Alt Nation on Sirius/XM have been playing an acoustic version and it blows the original song out of the water. It's so effing great, hope you can hear it.

Miss K said...

awesome post Danielle! I couldn't agree more with all your summer essentials, in fact i think mine looks nearly identical!

Danielle said...

thanks for having me kitten!
CAnt wait for you to get back and cocktails cocktails cocktails!

Clare Christine said...

haha I feel the same way about the songs! Give Me Everything is now restricted to my treadmill run playlist...and maybe I can listen to some TGIF in the college dorm in a few more weeks...might be more "accepted" in that environment. LOVE the new song though!! Thanks for sharing the post from sweetnothings! This is the first time I have seen your blog! xoxo Clare http://twirlingclare.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I loved Fashionably Bombed and have been dying to make those sparkletinis!

Anonymous said...

love that shape of sunnies!!



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