Happy {Wine & Tapas} Weekend

I am looking forward to a weekend with nothing really planned at all.  Minus some wine and tapas Saturday night with the girls, I am thinking I will workout, do some laundry, clean the house and relax.  Work has been stressful and I can feel all the tension in my shoulders. 

Time to unwind, watch some scary movies, enjoy friends and remember all the good things in life!

Cheers to whatever you have planned this weekend!  XOXO


Miss Sweet Tea said...

Have a fun weekend! I'm looking forward to mine too! We are going to the LA Beer Fest @ Union Station :)

Danielle said...

two things...where do you go for tapas and there is this thing on tuesday at the aveda institute that is free manicures and massages and gift bags and "networking" or something. so mostly i am going for my free manicure and gift bag. might relieve that tension!


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