Song Of The Week: Vagabond

This past Sunday was a beautiful sunny day full of friends, babies, football and fun.  As I drove with the sunroof down on the 10 I craved some great tunes to keep my wonderful weekend going.  Turns out the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack fit the bill perfectly. 

I picked up B and we were off to Whole Foods to pick up some items for dinner.  Along the way track 13 began to play and B and I both reached for the volume and bounced along in the car.  "Vagabond" is one of those songs that just puts you in a good song and keeps you bopping along.  It's a bit of an oldie but still so good.  If you haven't listened in a while be sure to add it into your daily mix, you will be tapping along your steering wheel, desk or whatever before you know it!


Danielle said...

i love this movie!

Molliee said...

love it! very catchy!



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