Song Of The Week: 5 O'Clock

The last two times I was in Amsterdam and out partying, we were out until 5 O'Clock in the morning which seemed super fun until the next day...when I realized I am FAR too old to be out that late (another story for another time).  It appears T-Pain also finds it very easy to stay out until 5 O'Clock in the morning as the video above is shot in Amsterdam.  The canals, bikes, and red light district are all present in the video and all capable of allowing you to lose track of time, far too easily.     

This song is a nice change from T-Pain's usual stuff, and the addition of Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa makes it all the better.  Love, love, love it!


Aurelia said...

Oh I love this song!

xo Aurelia

Molliee said...

I really enjoy this song too!


Holly said...

5 am!!!! gahhh i can barely make it to 2 am.


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