Word Up Wednesday

although i still prefer the sun, the rain today in LA has been the perfect excuse for hot tea, umbrellas, and rod stewart.

regret nothing.

one simple step.

two months ago i awoke to a phone call (in ams) from my best friend mrs. r, explaining she had terrible news.  our dear beautiful friend brooke's husband of ten days had passed away unexpectedly.  i was left in utter shock and felt a terrible sadness and pain not only for brooke, but for andy's family and all those who loved and cared for the two of them. 

i was alone in amsterdam and unable to console my roommate (bestfriend to brooke), to hug b, to squeeze my best friends and family and tell them how much i loved them.  and of course i felt helpless for how to best be there for brooke.  and yet out of this terribly tragedy there came this overwhelming response of love and helping hands and sincere strength and support for the already amazing brooke who never ceases to amaze me with her grace and affection for all that loved andy.     

andy's passing has left us all a littler emptier as he really was one of a kind.  to know him was to love him.  his laughter was genuine and contagious and his love for brooke was unquestionable.  i know that andy is watching over brooke and will be with her forever. 

the daily news interviewed brooke about her story and the article shows you not only how incredibly strong brooke is but also what an amazing human andy was to those around him.  if you would like to donate to the American Heart Association in andy's honor you can do so here

when something tragic like this happens it reminds you that our time on this earth is a gift and we really must make the most of everyday. 



Danielle said...

i remember reading this story in the paper. I knew of andy from his career at Oxy and that he has a tryout for a while with the NY giants. I remember just feeling heartbroken for everyone. ughhhhhhh. such a reminder to live everyday to the fullest.

so glad word up wednesdays are back

Holly said...

i read about this on joat's blog too. so heartbreaking. i cannot even imagine, especially juxtaposed so closely to something as emotional as a wedding. so happy she has such an amazing support of girlfriends. nobody knows how to act in these instances, its something we arent prepared for.

sending you love.

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

This story is so heartbreaking and tragic. I agree with Danielle- a great reminder to live everyday to the fullest and remember to give your loved ones that extra hug and kiss.

Love all of these quotes as well :) xx

amy b.s. said...

wow. thank you for sharing this.

Unknown said...

My heart breaks for her ... Having just gotten married, waiting to be his wife for so long, I can't even even even imagine ... You just keep thinking how they should have had 50 more years together.


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