Song Of The Week: Knock Knock

Linley over at Dwelling & Telling chose Mac Miller's "Knock Knock" as her essential song for summer and I had never heard of the dude before.  But I liked the catchy beat and downloaded right after.

Turns out this song is not only great in summer but anytime of the year!  It totally leaves you bopping in your chair and I also catch myself knocking my fist in the air during the chorus.  This youngin' brings great lyrics, a beat you can dance to and the video is just too fun.  A little West Side Story, a little Grease and a smidge of Cry Baby.  Awesome all around.


Danielle said...


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

oh i like this!! very different.

Marit said...

LOVE THIS SONG! Its in my training playlist and it gets me kickin' EVERY time!


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