B*Day Wishlist

one week from tomorrow i will be turning the big 3-2! 

i still haven't quite figured out how i am already 32 (nor have i accepted saying the number outloud...i'm 32) but am planning to welcome 32 and all the goodies that come along with it. 

my mom has requested wishlists as long as i can remember, and let me just tell you how much fun i have creating them :)  i have a few items on my wishlist that i hope to unwrap next week, and i thought i would share my wishlist to all of you! 

i'm not asking for much...just some glitter and gold!

i am wishing to cheat on my paleo diet with some amazingly sinful cupcakes, cake, desert, whatever - i just want a sweet treat in my mouth (that's what she said). 

i'd also really enjoy that queen dainty cobra bracelet to find it's way onto my wrist. 

it's okay to be a pig...about saving money.  i have had my eye on this pig bank to hold all my scrilla for some time now and since it is cute enough to display, it will also be a daily reminder to fill it up!

love, love, love this gorjana love ring set.  i mean it says love on the rings.  what's not to love?

check back tomorrow for some more wishlist goodies!  8 days left...


Linley said...

oh, that pig bank is adorable! someone should by that for you!

Danielle said...

love it!

Sara said...

Happy early birthday! I love that pig bank!

Miss K said...

oooh i love seeing people's wishlists


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