Song Of The Week: Suspiscious Minds

Yesterday while driving down to Manhattan Beach, the radio stated that Elvis Presley would have been 77 years old that day. I had forgotten how young he was when he passed away and it left me thumbing through my iPod for an Elvis fix. While "The King" had numerous incredible songs, my absolute favorite is "Suspicious Minds".

Even though it isn't the happiest of songs, I just love the melody and his voice in this song. I am also dying to go to the Viva ELVIS show in Vegas.  Has anyone seen it?

Go put on your blue suede shoes and pay a little respect to Elvis this week, the music world would not be where we are today without his talent, creativity and of course those hips!


Holly said...

thanks for the reminder! i will rock out to elvis on the ride home today :)

Maggie said...

Absolutely the best Elvis song!!

Danielle said...

i love this elvis song!

Jenny said...

I just visited Graceland for the first time this past weekend and I LOVED it. Elvis was such a generous man and lots of people don't realize that. Love him!!


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