Song Of The Week: Rack City

Happy Hump Day! I made an executive decision to take Tuesday off and turn my 3-day weekend into a 4-day weekend - WIN! After a delightful weekend with the awesome jamie of all trades, B and I thought a little excursion out of LA would be a great idea. So we did exactly that, and left for Palm Spring Monday morning at 8:30 AM!

On the drive out we listened to all sorts of music that ranged from 80's to Classic Rock to Country to 90's and of course some Hip Hop. I was introduced to the rapper Tyga a few weeks back by B and didn't think much of him. Then "Rack City" came on not once, not twice but three times during our round trip drive, and wouldn't you just know that the third time was most definitely a charm for me. This chorus will get stuck in your head (warning), but that's okay because the song just gets me so pumped up. I am hoping it makes it into rotation at circuit works soon...


Danielle said...

nothing like a quick trip to PS!! perfect time to go!

Miss K said...

matt has been listening to this song on repeat all week!


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