Forever Frugal Friday - Steal vs. Splurge

happy friday people!

while perusing the internet yesterday in search of items for my b*day wishlist i saw these cute nine west caridad wedges and thought, those look pretty fantastic.  they didn't make it on the wishlist but were an item i planned to keep my eye on. 

today, i saw these cutout suedette wedge sandals and thought i was having a moment of deja vu and had just seen them somewhere.  and then i remembered the nine west ones.  i actually like the forever version better (not only in price) as they are the perfect transition piece right now in LA.  the nine west ones scream spring/summer to me and the forever ones are winter leading into spring.  perfect! 


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the cork wedge pair. Both are so cute!

amy b.s. said...

i agree that the forever 21 pair has more of a winter/spring vibe. get them!

Holly said...

i actually prefer the f21 ones!


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