Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

if you find the photo above offensive or inappropriate in anyway, please stop reading this post and please stop reading fifty shades of grey immediately. 

i began reading fifty shades after i heard all the hype surrounding it.  upon a little more research i learned that the author e.l. james loved the twilight books so much but always wished there was more sex, so she decided to write her own book, set in washington, with lots of sex.  then my gf shelby said it was pretty steamy and i thought, what the hell?

and let me just tell you.  it definitely has its steamy moments and lots of sex.

without giving too much away here are some of my thoughts on fifty shades...

*sex scenes are graphic and definitely arouse the imagination
*the author uses the same adjectives and words a lot.  to the point of extreme annoyance

*miss steele went to wsu-vancouver - happy for the reference to wsu in such a popular book - go cougs!

*inner goddess annoys the f out of me

* ending felt a little flat

after finishing the book i of course bought fifty shades darker, for my kindle on my ipad (perfect device to hide what you a reading in public or say at the dentist office).  not because i thought the book was so good and i couldn't wait to read the next one, but because i was interested in where she would go with the next book and the sex scenarios.  truth. 

the books are terribly written.  the sex scenes are unexpected and naughty.  that's why you are reading it.  don't fool yourself, it really is a sexy version of twilight (minus vampires, werewolves and bella - thank god).  if you read these books for the reasons highlighted above, you won't be disappointed.  if you are reading them for a romantic love story and literary genius, this is not the book for you my friend. 

i love the way this book has brought forth a sexual awakening of sorts amongst women of all ages and opened people up to options other than "vanilla sex". 

have you read fifty shades?  what did you think?  worth the hype or so over it? 


Britt said...

I am a complete loser when it comes to these books. I love them and have read the series 3 times. They are horribly written, she does use the same words a lot, but I just fell in love with Christian-plain and simple.

Kristen said...

um the sex stuff is the ONLY reason i have any interest in these books. i'm #25 on the waitlist at the library. LOL

Courtney said...

ha! your synopsis is spot on!! the writing and plot line can get a little redundant but once you start you just can't stop!

Anna said...

I really want to go and read it.. But too bad it is so badly written. Don't they write good, and naughty books anymore?


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Danielle said...

the writing hurts my heart. I dont like Ana as a charachter. that being said im half way done with book three

Holly said...

i need to borrow this. i dont want to buy it. anyone!!!!!!!!??????

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I read all 3...I was completly over the whole storyline/series about 1/3 the way into book 3. I did like how she ended it though- a bit more plot and not just sex lol. No real desire to see any movies made of it.


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