Word Up Wednesday


i think this is a great motto and reminder for my personal and work life.

this one goes out to my mama, who got some bad news yesterday.  i just know everything is going to be super duper for you ahead! 

this quote is exactly what i needed this month.  b recently was promoted *yay!* and with the promotion came a change in work schedule which means we never have a day off together.  it's been hard and we have tried to make the most of the difference, but like it says above, life gets in the way  and you have to work for it.  so work away it is for me.  because it's worth it.


Kristen said...

i love the quote about giving a bit more, it goes along w another favorite of mine that nobody ever went poor by giving.

Danielle said...

love these.

hope everything is ok with your momma.

silentbutstrong said...

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i love it! nice prints


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