Happy B*Day B!

a very happy 30th b*day to my boy b...

the guy who knows how to make me smile.

the guy i love walking around town hand in hand with.

the guy who has helped me to enjoy the great outdoors.

the guy who always knows how to make me a perfect drink.

the guy who i love with all of my heart and am so happy was born some 30 years ago today!

happy birthday b!

we're off to animal tonight to celebrate it right. 



Courtney said...

happy birthday indeed- darling pictures of you two! I especially love the first one!

Kristen said...

aww happy birthday! you guys are the cutest couple!

Danielle said...

happy birthday b!!

Erin said...

Love all of these photos of the two of you!! Happy {belated} Birthday, B!!

Holly said...

aw happy birthday to your man! that first picture is soooo cute.


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