Song Of The Week: Where Is My Mind

i realize this song is almost ten years old, and yet it perfectly describes how i felt last week.  and even though we are starting a new week and it is already looking brighter than last week, i still love this song and had to share it with you all.

i also love brad pitt's body in fight club and every time this song comes on the radio, b asks me what movie this song is from and i always space out.  there is a little irony for you. 

i hate to admit that i am not all that familiar with the pixies but am loving what little i know of them strictly based off this song. 

here's hoping my mind has returned back to my head and i am back to feeling light, and sunny and refreshed. 

1 comment:

Holly said...

a classic. and yes, always makes me think of the end of fight club.


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