Buddy Bands

this picture on starbucks instagram made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

it made me think of all of my amazing friends and how i adore them so much. 

it made me reminsce about getting crafty and making bracelets for my besties when i was younger. 

then it made me want to give all of my gf's a bracelet to show them all how much they mean to me. 

the bad news...i am so not crafty anymore. 

the good news.  there are so many darling frienship bracelets available to buy out there that i have a plethora to choose from - all of which are better than i could ever try to create!

{clockwise from the top}

then i got to thinking that my girl mrs. r would look pretty styling up in san francisco wearing this bff charm necklace.

which got me to remembering that awesome saved by the bell episode where a.c. sold buddy bands...


which just made me smile and be grateful for the absurdity of that show. 

what's your take on the whole friendship bracelet trend?  are you in or are you out?

1 comment:

Kristen said...

that bff heart necklace is awesome!


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