oh hey.  hello.  i'm lyndsy and i have been a terrible blogger.

i am not quite sure where the month of may went, but i know i had an excellent time!  and yet, here stood my poor neglected blog not having any fun at all. 

between friend time and work, blogging has taken the backseat and i am REALLY going to work to change that starting now. 

so please continue reading and checking in, because it is summer time which means summer essential guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers (and they should be yours too) and hopefully some posts that will have you feeling inspired or happy like all the other blogs i read out there do. 

i'm calling a tko on my blogging in may and hopefully will be able to pick myself up and be ready to knock your socks off with some great blogging this june.



Holly said...

dont worry! i feel like i have been that way too and so many other blogs i read.

Danielle said...

story of my life girl.

but at least i get the privilage of brunches.


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