Song Of The Week: Pursuit of Happiness {Cover}

Do you ever find a cover of a song by a totally different artist and re-fall in love with a song?

Thanks to a certain boy by the name of B, I did just that this weekend.

Kid Cudi is on of my favorite rappers out there right now, and when Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) [Explicit] first came out I was listening to the song nonstop.  As you can imagine, new music came out and that song was left in the past...until I heard Lissie's version of the same song. 

This Lissie girl pretty much kicks ass.  She sounds amazing live, plays the guitar and can take a swig straight from a bottle of Jose???  Kick ass.  Want to know what is even more kick ass...you can download this weeks song FREE (yep you read that right) here

Who's happy now?

Oh, and I think it is time for another month dedicated to cover songs.  Be sure to check back next week!


Danielle said...


JAG said...

Didn't think I would like it.....but I LOVED it!! Thanx


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