Faux Glow

While at the gym yesterday, I noticed how extremely pasty my legs were and realized I needed to do something about this problem. I am a very fair (a nicer way to say pale) skinned girl from the Northwest and unfortunately, do not become a bronzed goddess like my friends from just stepping outside in the sun. So after some trial and error, here are my favorite products that will make anyone think you just came back from a week in Belize.

My all time favorite/first choice is a Chocolate Sun tan. This specific system is currently only available in California and Massachusetts but the concept is available all over. Chocolate Sun is a dream because the technician does all the work and you just stand there striking funny poses while they spray you down. The color is so realistic, the smell is minimal, and the color lasts for a good 5 days. As an added bonus you can also have them add sunblock or extra moisturizer (for a fee of course) to your spray. It is a bit pricey at $50-$55 dollars a session, but for those special occasions it is SO worth it!

Victoria's Secrets Gleaming Self-Tan Body Tint is my next favorite and at $18 a lot more budget friendly. This product is wonderful because it gives you an bit of color right away (which makes it almost error proof during application)while the tan gradually deepens in a few hours. The color is very natural, lasts for about 3 days and can be layered as much as you like until your desired color is reached.

Banana Boat's Summer Color Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist is my next go-to. Although this product requires a well ventilated bathroom (a friend who can spray your backside is an added bonus). The product boasts a "Fresh Citrus Fragrance", and although it isn't AS awful as some, it still smells like self-tanner. The good news: the color lasts for about 3 days, is a beautiful light brown (not a bit of orange to it) and very subtle. The bad news: trying to make the subtle tan a little deeper requires repeating the procedure all over again the next day and a coughing fit is sure to follow from breathing in all the chemicals. You can get it at your neighborhood drugstore or here .

Those are my favorites so far, I have heard rave reviews about Clarins self-tanning products and they are next on my list to review. Have a great ones I should try?


Lindsay said...

What's funny is that I was going to post a blog today on my Tanning Bed in a Tube. Perhaps I will and then link your posting. Great minds....

Sabrina said...

Love your blog! Will you share some beauty secrets for finding foundation? I have tried all the basic stuff and everything leaves me shiny & slides right off my face.

Lyndsy said...

Thanks Sabrina! I will definitely post soon on foundations and tinted moisturizers that I love.

Lindsay said...

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer w/ SPF is great!


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