Wino Wednesday

Last Friday, my girlfriend Cassie and I met up for some appetizers and wine to celebrate the end of the work week. We decided to check out Fraiche in Culver City and shared the meatball sliders, caprese salad (the mozzarella was INCREDIBLE) and some Felino salami. Now generally I go right for a Chardonnay, but this Friday night I was feeling a bit saucy and opted for a Zinfandel instead.

I was so glad I ventured out and tried this sexy Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel. Not only was it so smooth, but it also really complimented the salty aspects of our appetizers. This Zin was fruity, full of body and low in acidity (just how I like it!). Now I don't try and pretend that I am a wine sommelier, but I know that this wine would make a great gift to any host or hostess, as well as a fine accompaniment to your dinner table for any holiday dinners. At around $20.00 a bottle you can't go wrong. Ask your local wine Seward to order in a case for the store or if you are one of the states that BevMo can ship to order it here .

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