Forever Frugal Friday

Today we had rain in LA, which made it all the more fun to pull on my new boots and favorite wool jacket. I am going to see Enchanted after work today with some friends, and was trying to plan out what I should wear that would be cozy (since theatres are so chilly!), yet still cute if we got drinks afterwards.

This sweater is EXACTLY what I had in mind. You could wear a fun/fancy tank underneath in case you hit the bars later, but stay comfy and warm while watching the movie. I love the wide sleeves, fold down collar and kangaroo pockets, and I have to say at $29.80 it is a total steal of a deal!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm everybody! December is here, time for some holiday cheer!

1 comment:

Chere Amie said...

So cheap! I love it!


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