Project Runway

So can I start off by saying how excited I am that Project Runway is back? I have missed Tim Gunn's "Carry On" and Heidi's pronunciation of "Nina Garcia". I was gonna post about my top pics and least favorite but noticed that The Glam Guide had blogged my thoughts exactly. I also enjoyed Jack's sweet little spring dress that is playful yet sophisticated at the same time (black + white + bright color = gorgeous).

I am pretty sure this season is going to be amazing based off of the first episode designs. My favorite designers that I am going to keep an eye out for are: Rami, Christian (could he be more perfect for TV?), Chris, and Jillian. It is still very early in the competition, but I have a feeling these 4 are gonna go far.

Auf wiedersehen!


Lindsay said...

I think this season is going to be so good as well! I heart Tim Gunn!!

coco+kelley said...

Aaaargh! I totally missed the first one. I need to find a rerun to watch - are they online too? Either way, we need to be watching this together and blogging about it the next day for shizzle!

Lyndsy said...

Absolutely :) I plan to jot down my opinons every Thursday :) Dual commentary I love it!


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