Total Splurge vs Total Steal

I was in New York for the first time ever in September, and experienced this great store Scoop. I instantly fell in love with these adorable Anya Hindmarch pouches sitting at the checkout counter. They came in a variety of colors and had such cute labels, that I couldn't wait to take one home with me. I loved this one the most:

Unfortunately for me, if I had purchased this sweet pouch, I wouldn't have had any dollars to put in it. I also loved all the designs below, which are available at Shop Bop.

A place for all your Bits & Bobs sounds good to me!

Need a place for all your Lotions & Potions? Look no further!

Now, while I would love to receive one of these as a present (hint, hint), I was happily surprised when I was perusing Target the other day and found these!

I sure do love me some Isaac Mizrahi. These pouches are total knockoffs of the Anya Hindmarch pouches and while they are not labeled with cute quotes or sayings, they are an absolute steal at 3 for $15.99 right now!

If you are not a fan of the bright pink, why not try this set instead?

The tweed is a little classier, yet the addition of the silver and gold still makes it fun and flashy. I am thinking I might just buy both sets, stuff them with some little trinkets and hand them out to my friends as gifts this season.

Whether you choose to splurge on the real thing or save on the knockoffs, you definitely won't be dissatisfied with these sweet pouches!

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Lindsay said...

Why don't I remember seeing these? We need these b/c our MJ wallets don't hold coins! The Target ones are cute too.


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