This is a Story....

Of a girl and her quest for the perfect black boots. This story begins back in fall of 2003 and ends on a brisk evening in Redondo Beach.

Is it just me or is it damn near impossible to find high black boots that fit? I felt like Prince Charming looking for Cinderella... this boot was too high for my short legs, or this boot didn't have a high enough heel, or this boot didn't have the right toe shape.

Leave it to my good friend Jaime who is always on top of the trends to find the PERFECT boot! This past September, Jaime trotted into Nikki Beach wearing them and I instantly fell in love. Jaime being the kind soul that she is, gave me the thumbs up to copy her awesome style and purchase the boots also. The only problem, they were already sold out online and in the stores in my size.

Fast forward two months, I was browsing my local Nordstrom when I saw the Jeffrey Campbell "Flawless" boots in turquoise. I quickly snatched up the boot and begged the sales associate to find me this boot in black, size seven. After calling ten different stores, victory was ours!

My boots are currently en route to my home and I cannot WAIT to pull these puppies over my skinny jeans, or pair them with some tights and a fun dress and walk all over town.

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Lindsay said...

I have been on the quest for the perfect boots both this year and last. Last yr I got brown and black and now want grey and some flat brown ones. Did I show you the grey suede ones I got from Urban? I don't know if I love them. I actually ordered a flat, brown pair of JC boots from Nordies.


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