Alice + Olivia = Happiness

I just adore Alice + Olivia's line of clothing. Their fashion is always fun and very popular amongst celebrities. Well, after checking out their Fall 2008 line I must say they did not disappoint and the collection almost has me wanting to skip thru summer and head into fall...almost! Below are some of my favorite pieces from the collection, and although they are SO not in my price range, a girl can dream.... (all photos from Imaxtree.com)

This little diddy is grey chic and must be worn in a climate much cooler than Los Angeles. The tights, the dress, the jacket make me scream "oui, oui"!

I am so loving this vintage house wife look. It is classy, and reminds me of Westside Story with the full skirt, tiny waist and fitted top. This look would really compliment my figure (hiding the flaws and accentuating the goods!).

This dress is regal, and so beautiful. It would look awful on my short frame but on a gal 5'7" or taller, statuesque!

This look is so bright and fun, and not something I could ever see wearing down the street, but the pink jacket is incredible. The perfect hue of pink if I ever have seen one...and you would stand out like none other!

I do not wear suits to work but if I did, this is SO what I would sport. Sexy, bold and fashionable, all things that belong in the office to me. Plus that red top screams, I am not to be messed with. Love it!

I don't want to wait till Fall for this dress. I want it now! Great length, beautiful fabric, and I am predicting that Rachel Bilson will so be sporting this dress to some function of some kind. (For more Rachel Bilson fashion check out Avery Bleu's post).

That's all for today. More great fashion finds tomorrow!

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Lindsay said...

Ha, great minds.....We both posted on Alice + Oliva and both loved the white dress (last). Too funny!


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