Rehearsal Dress...

This Phoebe One Shoulder Silk Dress is ga-ga-gorgeous! I was trying to figure out where exactly I could wear such a fancy white dress (obviously not as a guest to a wedding!) and the only thing I could think of in my near future was my rehearsal dinner. Although it might be a little dressy for our plans, I just think there is something to be said about the simple white and block combo, and the flowered asymmetrical strap. It is a bit Carrie Bradshaw circa season three but and let's be honest is just too cute! At $308 it is a bit of a stretch to justify, but if it went on sale a little it might just be worth it!

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Lindsay said...

Love it! I saw that today when looking for the blue dresses and thought it was so cute! I like white for rehearsals. White w/ a wedding color as an accent is super cute (like Jackie's chartruese sash)!


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