Wino Wednesday

I happily celebrated my 28th birthday this past weekend with all of my wonderful friends. There was an abundance of celebrating...so much so that Super Bowl Sunday was spent recovering on the couch in my sweats with Waldo.

One of the yummy drinks we indulged in that night was Francis Coppola Sophia Sparkling Wine. When my girlfriend Christy called me on the way home saying she just bought the prettiest bottle of sparkling wine for the evening, I just knew it was this bottle! It is a very crisp sparkling wine, fruity but not in an overly sweet way, and looks very pretty in your glass. I appreciate this sparkler even more since Francis named it after his daughter Sophia Coppola. As an added bonus, this empty bottle will now be filled with some cute flowers and placed in my bathroom because the label is just too cute for words.

Now, if you just want to indulge in a little sparkling wine....perhaps the Sophia Mini Blanc de Blanc is for you. I LOVE these little cans of sparkling champagne, and to be honest I prefer the taste in the can (but that may be due to the ADORABLE packaging). These cute pink cans are the perfect little treat to yourself before heading out of the evening and each can comes with it's own straw (my favorite part!).

If you prefer your sparkling wine out of the glass or are quirky and like it in a can, Francis Coppola has you covered either way!

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Shelby said...

You're so clever to keep the bottle and use it as a vase. I love that idea. VERY cute label.


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