Project Runway: RAW Edition

Last nights episode of Project Runway might have been my favorite this season so far. The challenge was for the designers to create a look for a WWE Diva that would also function in the ring. Now you must remember that these designers are used to working with fabulous fabrics and being told that it must be fashionable. In this challenge all the rules essentially were thrown out the window, because trying to make a fashionable look out of spandex just doesn't go hand in hand. However, the designers actually created some very fun looks that did not disappoint!

The winning look and definitely one of my favorites was Chris'. His diva Maria said she loved leopard and Chris not only created a fabulous costume but also pleased his client. You can't tell but the lining of the hoodie had sequins and he had also made matching sequin gloves. Purrrrrfect!

Christian's leather and lace, dominatrix look for diva Kristal, had Michael Kors all hot and bothered (but in a good way). Kristal's exact words were that she loved leather and lace. Throw some chaps and fur into the mix and viola! A FIERCE outfit and another happy client.

Jillian's diva Michelle described herself as "All-American, girl-next-door, & sporty". Well this looks fulfills all of the above. It reminded me of a fashionable American Gladiators costume, mixed in with a little Sporty Spice meets Posh Spice, and it was so, so nice!

Unfortunately for Ricky diva Layla wanted to take his James Bond Girl, swimsuit costume into the ring for a thorough beat down. While it would make a cute swimsuit, in the ring, I don't think so. It wasn't costumey (I know not really a word) enough, and the client was not enthusiastic, and our dear friend Ricky got Auf'd.

I highly recommend catching a rerun of this episode if you can. Tim Gunn's reactions, Christian's fierce references, and these diva's struts down the runway, all proved quite entertaining.


Lindsay said...

I could listen to Christian, Tim and Chris all day long. Those 3 were my faves too.

Lindsay said...

I meant those 3 outfits. People too though.


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