Wino Wednesday

Oh boy, oh boy! Sorry for the lack of blogging but I am still catching up from Va-Va-Vegas. I thought I would share with ya'll one of my favorite chardonnay's out there. The Kendall Jackson Vitners' Reserve Chardonnay will never lead you down the wrong path. A favorite amongst most of my girlfriends and according to Bob the wine Seward, the best selling chardonnay out there. It is fruity, butter, light and with just the slightest bit of crisp. Near perfection if you ask me!

My girlfriend Christa served this wine at her wedding and let me just say that it goes down, oh so easily. They were lucky enough to take a few cases home with them left over from the wedding. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Bob explained to me that Kendall Jackson a couple years back offered this Chardonnay at an unbelievably low price one Thanksgiving (like $6.99 a bottle). Well people bought it, served it, loved it and now make it a tradition to serve this wine at ALL festivities even at its modern new price of about $13.99 a bottle. Smart marketing? I think so.

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