Wino Wednesday

I bought this 2005 Stonehedge Reserve Petite Syrah at my local Trader Joe's for about $9. I had Cassie open the bottle and air out for a bit before pouring and tasting. Being a HUGE fan of the Stag's Leap Petite Syrah I am always on the lookout for a great tasting Petite Syrah at a fraction of the cost. This wine was tasty, although it reminded me more of a Cabernet Sauvignon than a Petite Syrah (not necessarily a bad thing). It was pretty smooth going down but not as jammy or bold as one would expect from a Petite Syrah.

That being said, I would recommend this wine and might buy it again but not if I was in the mood for a bold, strong, Petite Syrah. Worth checking out although I wouldn't expect too much!

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