Project Runway Rundown: Going for the Gold in a Lipstick Jungle

Erin over at Blue-Eyed Bride left me a sweet reminder last week (Thank You!) that she missed my Project Runway Rundown last week. Let me just say that it has been a crazy last two weeks! Work, the husband returning home and the Olympics, have all turned my world upside down. I think I am almost all caught up and ready for the weekend ahead!

Just in time for the Olympics, Project Runway’s design challenge was to create an outfit for the women athletes to wear during the opening ceremony. I have to say that I was quite pleased with the designers’ results and even more pleased with Ralph Lauren’s creations that the athletes actually wore!

Two of My Faves:

Left: Leanne Right: Suede

My absolute favorite design was created by Leanne. The crisp white shorts and the colored ruffled neck are so classy and a universally flattering look for body shapes of all styles. Less complimentary to all body shapes but too fun and girly not to love was Suede’s sparkly top and red and blue flared skirt.

Judges Top Three:

Left: Terri Middle: Korto Right: Joe

The judges were right on with their top three selections. Terri’s sports blazer, top, scarf and white pant combo was TDF and I totally wanted and could see the American women sporting this ensemble. Korto was the winner of this challenge with her high waisted, wide leg trouser and vest combo. I loved her look as well as the linen pants would be a great way to battle the heat in China but I don’t think the look would fare well with the tiny athletes like Shawn Johnson (Good luck tonight girl). Joe took the challenge quite literally and created a fun sporty spice look, complete with USA logo and skort.

Judges Bottom Two:

Left: Daniel Right: Jennifer

Unfortunately for Daniel and Jennifer, the challenge seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Jennifer was inspired by a uniform from the 20’s and worked from that. The problem with her inspiration was it didn’t contain red, white and blue, and the look was old fashioned and dated for modern women athletes. Daniel on the other hand created a cocktail inspired purple/blue dress that was completely wrong for the challenge at hand. Ultimately, Daniel was spared and Jennifer was Auf’ed.

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE…Lipstick Jungle that is…..

Last nights episode was to design an outfit for Brooke Shield's character Wendy on Lipstick Jungle, a show that I adore and that begins again, Wednesday, September 24th at 10 PM on NBC. The rules of the challenge was to create something Wendy a Studio Executive could wear to work but also transform her from office chic to hottie at the bar. The designers were teamed up, so I will share all six designs.

Sexy, Sassy & Safe:

Left: Terri & Suede Right: Korto & Joe

Both Terri and Korto's designs were selected to be created and they both turned out fabulous. I LOVE that both pieces are easily wearable and colorful. Neither team won, but were safe and can continue on to next week. My favorite line this week came courtesy of Terri who said about Suede (sort of paraphrasing), "I ain't got no babies, so don't try to suck on my ti**ies. Man Up!" Priceless really...

Judges Top Two:

Left: Jerrell & Stella Right: Keith & Kenley

Jerrell and Keith's designs were selected and they paired with Stella and Kenley. The results were marvelous and totally chic and appropriate for Brooke Shields. Jerrell and Stella worked hard to create a feminine, boho-chic, dress that works in and out of the office. However, the winners were Keith and Kenley (well deserved might I add) with their tiered brown skirt, belt and convertible top that opened at the shoulder. Brooke loved it as did the rest of the judges and you my friends will see this creation in an episode of Lipstick Jungle Season II!

Bottom Two:

Left: Blayne & Leanne Right: Kelli & Daniel

Oh boy! The bottom two were just not even close to what the challenge asked for. Blayne and Leanne's Bermuda short ensemble was fun, bright and playful but not appropriate for the office at all. Don't get me wrong, loved the look - just not for this challenge. However, Kelli and Daniel left much to be desired. Their leopard, teal and black three piece suit was poorly crafted and looked as though it was on the 75% off rack at Forever 21. Not chic, not something Brooke Shields would be caught dead in. So Kelli took the hit and was Auf'ed, leaving Daniel a little shaken.

See you on the runway next week!

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

great recap! thank you!!! :)

it has been an extra crazy week. glad to know that you're doing well despite olympic mania.


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